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1) EcoCampus Main Committee

EcoCampus Main Committee

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UMS has established the EcoCampus Management Centre in Februray 2013 as a platform for the university to provide a framework that is to be implemented,

enforced, monitored, assessed and reviewed based on the key elements of the EcoCampus Transformation Plan. The very core of the EcoCampus values are:

1. Sustainable Development,

2. Ecological Protection,

3. Environmental Compatibility,

4. Resource Conservation,

5. Environmental stewardship.

These elements are integrated into the EcoCampus Key Elements which are Mindset Change, Infrastructure Development, Teaching and Learning, Research Themes, Management and Operational Practices.

UMS is committed to be a university of excellence in teaching and research, and an EcoCampus that incorporates due environmental considerations in its planning and activities by being innovative, relevant and sustainable towards sustainable development will address local, national and global environmental challenges in collaboration with stakeholders. In supporting these values, UMS is also committed in green investment and reducing carbon footprint within and immediate surrounding of the campus.