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Energy and Climate Change Management

Energy & Climate Change Management

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The quality of life, standard of living, reduction of CO2 emission and national security depends on energy. Efficient and economical usages of natural resources, along with development of cutting edge technologies in new and renewable energy resources are critical to Sabah and Malaysia. Therefore, the focus of the development of Energy & Climate Change Management Committee under Eco-campus is to established energy efficient and environmentally sustainable technologies and practices.

The main aim of this group is to progress sustainable technologies as well as educates the people about energy and environmental technologies. It will help Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Sabah and Malaysia to ensure the energy security and reduce the significant amount of carbon footprint by developing indigenous, innovative and environmentally benign energy resources, while promoting energy policies that have a positive impact on the sustainable environment and economy.

In UMS this group is now working to reduced significant amount of CO2 emission as well as to establish and develop partnerships with various stakeholders in energy research, industries and education management, production and distribution of energy.


Head of Energy & Climate Change Management Committee :


Head of the Energy Research Unit

Faculty of Engineering, UMS