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8) FEE Program Committee

FEE Program Committee

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Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is recognized by UNESCO and UNEP. FEE is located at Denmark and its believe in the power of change. The aim of this foundation is to ensure young people have power to be the change for sustainability that our world needs by engaging them in fun, action-orientated and socially responsible learning. FEE education programme offering well-defined, controllable ways for educational campuses to take environmental issues, innovation and research from academic departments and apply them to the day-to-day management of the campus. Moreover, FEE member organizations are the sole authorized advisory and assessment body for the Eco-Campus programme. Currently, Malaysia (WWF Malaysia) is one of the 13-member countries.

In UMS, FEE UMS is currently working on “No Plastic Straw Campus” Project which aimed to increase awareness among the UMS community on effect of plastic to the marine environment and to reduce the availability of plastic straws in UMS by at least 50% by end of 2018.


Head of FEE Program Committee :                                            Chairman of FEE UMS Students : 

DR. MELVIN GAN JET HONG                                                      MR. LEE JUN HONG

Senior Lecturer                                                                          2nd Year Student

Faculty of Engineering, UMS                                                     Faculty of Engineering, UMS