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ERDEC Background

Entrepreneurship Research and Development Center (ERDEC), located in the Business, Economics and Accounting Faculty of Universiti Malaysia Sabah, has been upgraded to become a center in 2014 as one of the key departments in UMS focusing on research in entrepreneurship as well as the development activities of local entrepreneurs. In order to realize these functions, ERDEC works with entrepreneurs, graduates of public and private universities, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurship centers and institutions, and government and non-governmental agencies involved in entrepreneurship development in Sabah in particular, and Malaysia in general. ERDEC is also a reference center for graduates or individuals who are interested in getting advice in the field of entrepreneurship.


ERDEC function

•   Become a center of excellence in entrepreneurship research

•   Being an entrepreneurial development center that focuses on the development of entrepreneurs and surrounding communities.

•   Be a reference center for graduates and individuals who need advice in entrepreneurship.

•   Collaborate with government and non-government researchers and agencies in terms of research and development of entrepreneurship.


Target groups

•   Graduates / alumni

•   Small and medium entrepreneurs / entrepreneurs (SMEs)

•   Government and non-governmental agencies / agencies involved in entrepreneurial development

•   Researcher / academician