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Dean's Message

Suddin Bin Lada

Welcome to the Labuan Faculty of International Finance. The Faculty is committed to being the centre of excellence in International Finance where holistic, competitive and globally standing come into play. The Faculty mission statement aims to be a centre of excellence in the international finance. It attains international recognition through teaching, learning, research, publication, social contribution and the sustainability of knowledge base that births a human capital which is both competent and high in quality that helps turn the discourse of socio-economy of the nation. In line with this assertion, the Faculty aims to produce talents in international finance to fulfil the requirements of local and regional workforces. In response to these requirements, the Faculty stresses three important goals, namely excellence in research, excellence in teaching and excellence in international collaborations.

The Faculty was previously known as Labuan School of International Business and Finance in which it was operated since 1999 where the first intake of students emanated throughout the nation. Initially, Faculty offered four (4) international programmes covering International Finance, International and Offshore Banking, International Marketing, International Financial Economics. In 2004, however, the Faculty offered Islamic Finance programme with an international perspective. Situated in the Federal Territory of Labuan, the faculty is becoming a leading regional centre for both conventional and Islamic Finance for Asia-Pacific.

Our students and academic staff are accommodated in well-established lecture rooms, halls and computer labs in modern buildings and are presently supported by excellent UMS library and ICT. The Faculty is also proud of its advanced computer laboratories covering both advertisement and investment labs. Our lecture halls are equipped with multimedia systems to enhance students’ learning process and lecturers’ delivery.

We are extremely proud of our more than 40 academic and administrative staffs who strive for research excellence, which has successfully obtained various internal and external research grants. The research conducted by our academic staff address interesting and latest issues on the information system, exchange rate, corporate social responsibility, credit card debt behaviour, Islamic financing, payment system, mobile marketing, service industry, e-marketing, brand image and Islamic marketing, to mention some.

The Faculty also extends its goal to incorporate international collaborations with foreign universities covering Universitas Trisaksti, Jakarta (Indonesia), Universiti Brunei Darussalam (Brunei) and Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance (IIBI), London, the UK. The Faculty also has an MOU with INCEIF, Malaysia in Islamic banking and finance. More importantly, our collaborations with foreign and local universities and institutions are extended to include research, teaching and publication and are expected to be conducted from time to time.


Prof Madya Dr Rizal Abdul Hamid

Dean, Labuan Faculty of International Finance