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PhD International Marketing Programme Overview



1.1 Synopsis

PhD in International Marketing is aimed at producing graduates who are well-versed in the theories and practices of International Marketing via providing comprehensive education and rigorous training capturing from a low level of concepts to a high level of synthesis, which in turn will produce balanced and skillful scholars in the area. The programme is available on part time and full time basis.

1.2 Objectives

  1. To nurture graduates who will contribute to the advancement of new knowledge/ value added knowledge
  2. To enhance theories in International Marketing to various areas of International Marketing
  3. To integrate International Marketing with Halal and Green Marketing
  4. To meet the global and local (GLOCAL) demand of experts in International Marketing

1.3 Programme Description

This programme is solely conducted on a research basis. The areas of the study are as follows but not limited to:

-International Marketing

-Services Marketing

-Cyber Marketing

-Strategic Marketing

-Marketing Management


-Marketing Research

-Relationship Marketing

-Consumer Behaviour

-Integrated Marketing Channel



-Supply Chain Management


-Green Marketing