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HE21 International Marketing

Programme Aim:

The programme aims to equip students with knowledge, skills and abilities to manage International Marketing activities in the global business and cyber environment responsibly.

Program Objectives:

  1. To provide graduates with knowledge, skills and critical thinking pertaining to International Marketing issues needed for research and the advancement of career in marketing.
  2. To prepare graduates who possesses the ability to plan, implement and manage marketing strategies resources and recognize the impact of marketing towards organizations and society.
  3. To equip graduates with professionalism values and attitude by adapting them into their work and practical development.
  4. To produce graduates who have communication, team, leadership and interpersonal skills and aware of social ethical and legal responsibility.

Programme Learning Outcomes:

  1. To demonstrate knowledge and understanding of essential facts, concepts, principles and theories relating to International Marketing.[PLO1].
  2. To apply theoretical principles and skills of International Marketing in relevant areas. [PLO2]
  3. To utilize relevant techniques and demonstrate analytical and critical thinking skills in problem solving.[PLO3]
  4. To communicate effectively with peers, clients, superiors and society at large.[PLO4]
  5. To demonstrate teamwork, interpersonal and social skills.[PLO5]
  6. To demonstrate professionalism, social and ethical considerations in accordance with ethic and legal principles.[PLO6]
  7. To apply skills and principles of lifelong learning in academic and career development.[PLO7]
  8. To apply broad business and real world perspectives daily and demonstrate entrepreneurial.[PLO8]
  9. To demonstrate leadership in International Marketing field.[PLO9]

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