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HE22 International Financial Economics

This program aims to provide the basic understanding in conceptual and practical aspects of international financial economics by emphasizing the interaction of finance and economic activities in the international financial setting and global economic perspectives. This program also exposes the students to current issues in international financial economics through talks, discussions, and seminars. Moreover, this program is designated to equip students with the adequate econometrics concepts and information technology-based skills, to enable them to analyze critically and objectively financial economics issues in this more and more liberalized and globalized world.

Programme Aim:

The programme aims to provide a profound understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of financial economics by focusing on the interaction of financial and economic activities in the international perspective. This programme is designed to deliver the fundamental knowledge and appropriate skill sets that are required for the transformation of students into qualified professionals in the financial market. Ultimately the programme is aspired to supply the country with competent and ethical human capital to help pave a sustainable economic growth path in the face of an increasingly challenging global environment.

Programme Objectives:

  1. To provide graduates with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to deal with contemporary issues pertaining to international financial economics through the deliverance of a comprehensive educational programme.
  2. To produce ethical and responsible graduates who would uphold noble social values to complement the professional knowledge acquired through the in-depth module of the programme.
  3. To instill graduates with lifelong learning enthusiasm and to equip them with skills in interpersonal communication, teamwork, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Programme Learning Outcomes:

  1. Use financial economics knowledge and skills related to philosophies, concepts, principles and theories from global perspectives for teaching, learning and research. [PLO1]

  1. Apply theoretical principles and practical solutions to finance and economics fields where global perspectives matter. [PLO2]

  1. Use the contemporary skill and knowledge demonstrate analytical and critical thinking skills in problem-solving for international financial economics. [PLO3]

  1. Communicate effectively with peers, clients, superiors and society at large using business philosophy, value and foundation. [PLO4]

  1. Demonstrate teamwork, interpersonal and social skills in group works, research, social activities and industrial attachments. [PLO5]

  1. Demonstrate professionalism, social and ethical considerations in accordance with contemporary international financial economics. [PLO6]

  1. Apply skills and principles of lifelong learning of international financial economics to academic and career advancement. [PLO7]

  1. Adapt new international financial economics paradigms to demonstrate entrepreneurial talents and skills in businesses. [PLO8]

  1. Demonstrate leadership where state of the art approaches and practices are brought into play. [PLO9]

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