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HE23 Islamic Finance

Programme Aim:
This program aims to evaluate critically and analytically, all theories and principles of Islamic finance as well as their applications in the world’s current development of Islamic financial system. This program is intended to emphasize on the current development in Islamic financial system and the understanding on its importance and relationship with the conventional financial system, laws, as well as regulations in social, political, and economical in Islamic financial management. It covers the study of Islamic finance and banking in all aspects including takaful, fund management, and issues related to Islamic accounting system.

Programme Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explore knowledge in the field of Islamic finance. [PLO1]             
  2. Prepare reports on a study finding. [PLO2]          
  3. Having the ability to effective problem solving. [PLO3]  
  4. Demonstrate effective communication with a proper use of English as well as a good medium. [PLO4]
  5. Demonstrate responsibility towards community developments and willingness to share knowledge. [PLO5]               
  6. Demonstrate ethical behavior when managing research Integrate. [PLO6]
  7. Integrate all knowledge that they have obtained to prepare them for Islamic finance works. [PLO7]       
  8. Promote a well-balanced management skills. [PLO8]     
  9. Demonstrate leadership skills. [PLO9]

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