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FKAL Grants Research List

No.Staff No.Project LeaderResearch TitleApproved Amount (RM)Grant Name
1140124-03503Sarimah Omar GanExploring the Employment of Discrete-Event Simulation Modelling Approach in Government Hospitals' Emergency Department (ED)75,700RAGS
2041211-00958Mohd Rizal Abdul Hamid

Developing a Theoretical Model of eWOM Intentions towards Homestay Lodging in Malaysia

3020503-00845Lee Hock AnnThe Effect of Neighbouring Countries's Choice of Exchange Rate Regime on Malaysian's External Shocks Insulation Capacity52,800FRGS
4030306-00959Hanudin AminDevelopment and test of new Maqasid Consumer Preference Index (MCPi) of Islamic home financing in Malaysia50,000FRGS
5051213-01382Rahida Abdul RahmanAntecedents and Outcomes of Socially Responsible Marketing Strategy: A Political Economy Perspective50,000RAGS
6151109-03524Nur Shahirah AzmanUrban Household Credit Card Debt Behaviour in Sabah and Sarawak: An Evaluation49,740RAGS
7140130-03505Shariff Umar Bin Shariff Abdul KadirThe Effect of ICT and Institutional Quality on Economic Growth49,200RAGS
8130221-02798Noor Zainab Binti TunggalImpact of Islamic Financing Sources on Halal Products: In a Case of Livestock Industry in Malaysia38,806RAGS
9121001-03083Mohamad Azmi AbdullahIdentifying variables that determine the criteria of a cost effective payment and credit mechanism: developing a conceptual framework for an integrated Islamic payment and credit facility for SMEs38,140RAGS
10011203-00806Geoffrey Harvey TanakinjalMobile Marketing Channel: The Case of Sabah Handicraft Industry30,000SGPUMS
11130805-00932Joehan Joehari WilliamExploring the Critical Factors of Service Experience in Customer Care Centre of Telecom Industry in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah29,330RAGS
12020503-00845Lee Hock AnnExploring the potential role of credibility and business cycle synchronisation to solve the puzzle of the open-economy trilemma25,000SGPUMS
13081201-02046Norazah Mohd SukiThe impact of electronic word- of- mouth (e-WOM) delivered via social networking sites (SNS) on students' in eco-campus go green behaviour25,000SGPUMS
14081201-02046Norazah Mohd SukiThe Impact of Green Brand on Students’ Green Purchase Intention towards Go Green Behaviour in Universiti Malaysia Sabah23,000SGPUMS
15051213-01382Rahida Abdul RahmanThe Integration Of Corporate Social Responsibility Concerns Into The Firm’s Marketing Strategy20,000SGPUMS
16081201-02046Norazah Mohd SukiFaktor Pendorong Ekspatriat Akademik Memilih Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Awam di Sabah sebagai Tempat untuk Membina Kerjaya: Aplikasi Teknik Structural Equation Modelling20,000SGPUMS
17030602-01012Suddin LadaBrand Image Benefits and Customer Satisfaction among Golfers in Sabah And Labuan: A Mixed Method Approach20,000SGPUMS
18081201-02046Norazah Mohd SukiStudents’ Awareness of Eco-Campus Environmental Activities and Initiatives in the University: An Evaluation20,000SGPUMS
19070423-01656Magdalene Ang Chooi HwaExploring graduate employability skills and career choices for business graduates from low-income families: a case of Universiti Malaysia Sabah16,000SGPUMS
20030516-01001Bryan Lo Ching WingThe Effect of Branding on Consumers’ Attitudes toward Islamic Banking Services15,600SGPUMS
21121001-03083Mohamad Azmi AbdullahFactor Determining the Islamic Financial Literacy among Bankers in Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan and Kuala Lumpur10,000SGPUMS
22130710-02744Aminah ShaariThe Performance of Unit Trust Industry10,000SGPUMS
23130812-03448Chia Yee EeExport-Led Growth Hypothesis: Empirical Evidence from Selected Sub-Saharan Africa Countries10,000SGPUMS
24041211-00958Mohd Rizal Abdul HamidPerceived Ihsan, Islamic Egalitarian And Islamic Religiosity towards Cash Waqf Contribution in Islamic Banking10,000SGPUMS
25130729-03444Alesia Sigang Gugkang Customers’ Expectations, Environmental Attitude and Purchase Intention of Green Products: The Moderating Effect of Price   10,000SGPUMS 
26130705-03437Noor Hassanah Binti HusinThe Relationship of Job Stress with Job Performance Among Financial Services Employees: Examining the Mediating Role of High Performance Work System (Hpws)10,000SGPUMS
27140124-03503Sarimah Omar GanDiscrete Event Simulation Modelling for Hospital Emergency Department (Poverty Eradication Niche)9,600SGPUMS
28140124-03504Lee Tzee YannInformation Systems Project Failure in Public Sector: Lessons from Sabah9,300SGPUMS
29140130-03505Shariff Umar Bin Shariff Abdul KadirThe Impact of Macro-Economic Variables toward Agriculture Productivity in Malaysia9,000SGPUMS
30111228-03024Siti Nur Aqilah Ab WahabDeterminants of Capital Structure: An empirical investigation of listed GLCs vs Non Listed GLCs in Malaysia8,500SGPUMS
31160104-03814Ricky JoresAssessing the Link between FDI, Human Capital and Innovation Activity in Selected ASEAN-6 Developing Countries6,000SGPUMS
32130221-02798Noor Zainab Binti TunggalNominal Exchange Rate and Its Fundamentals via Panel Test in Selected Asian Countries5,700SGPUMS


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