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Staff: Emily Yapp


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Master Marketing Communications, Canberra BSc. (Hons.). International Marketing, UMS. 

Areas of Research Interest:

Marketing communication & Co-production

Selected Recent Publications:

Emily Hon-Tshin Yapp, Stephen Sondoh JR and Ruth Siganul (2015). “The Determinance of Co-production in Medical Services”, Proceeding of International Institute of Social of Economic Sciences, April 2015, Rome, Italy.

Emily Yapp Hon Tshin, Geoffrey Harvey Tankinjal and Stephen Liaison Sondoh JR. (2014) "The key dimensions of online service quality: A study of Consumer perceptions". The IUP Journal of Marketing Management. 13(2), 1-10.

Sondoh, S; Harvey Tanakinjal, G; Hon-Tshin Emily Yapp and Jolonius, J (2012) The relationship between hotel image, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty: A case study in Labuan, Malaysia, International Journal of Art and Commerce, 1 (2), [ISSN:1929-7106].

Selected Courses Taught:

International Markeing Communication Strategy, Product Management and Customer Relationship Management




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