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Thermodynamics/Mass Transfer Laboratory

A teaching lab located at FKJ Block B, Ground Level that houses teaching, training and simulation equipment in the field of thermodynamics and mass transfer. Among the equipment inside the lab are trainers for boiler, refrigeration and air conditioning, Francis turbine test unit, Stirling cycle hot air engine, PV solar unit, concentric heat exchanger unit, solar distillation apparatus, heat transfer in fluidized bed study unit, linear heat conduction experiment unit, boiling heat transfer apparatus, cross flow heat exchanger unit, radiation and convection apparatus, shell and tube heat exchanger unit and plate heat exchanger unit.

Process Control Laboratory

A teaching lab located at FKJ Block B, Ground Level that expose Chemical / Oil & Gas students to production processes through industrial control systems such as air flow pressure temperature, heat exchanger, level and liquid flow.

Chemical Engineering Pilot Plant

A teaching lab located at FKJ Block B, Ground Level that teaches Chemical / Oil & Gas students to industrial chemical processes through experiments such as gas-liquid absorption, liquid to liquid extraction, solid to liquid extraction, evaporation and distillation.

Applied Mechanics Laboratory

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CAD Laboratory

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Printed Circuit Board Laboratory (PCB)

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