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1. What are the direction of the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage?

- Providing arts education science-based technology to produce graduates who are well educated and capable of upgrading, market and 

  popularize the art.

- Produce graduates who can develop knowledge of art with other sciences and technology-oriented market in producing works of art.

- Produce a group of experts in the field of creative and applied technology that offers expert services and consulting reference

- Producing artistic entrepreneurs who aggressively engaged in industrial arts at national and international level

- To produce skilled graduates who come forward and inter-personal interaction, inter-group and inter-community.

2. What are the programs offered at the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage?

We offer nine (9) major programs:

Creative Arts Program, Program of Music and Visual Arts Technology Program. History, Geography program, a program of International Relations, Sociology and Anthropology program, the Communication and Industrial Relations program.

3. What are the career prospects for graduates of the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage?

As stressed in the FKSW objective, the graduates of these faculty will be trained to understand and appreciate the concepts and theories of art which to enable them to move forward in the career of one of the following:

Music- Arts Composers of music, song, film scores, jingles, chamber music and orchestra leader, music director, choir, music therapist, music librarians, technicians, public address system, the engineers design studio, recording studio technician, digital audio editor, interpreter synthesis of music, musicians 'session', singer, consumer researchers, business consultants music, lyricists.

Creative Arts-Studies biography creative writing, scriptwriting, drama-screen, editorial, documentary, lyricist, playwright, columnist, editor, book reviewers, literary critic, performing arts producers, managers of the event (event manager), stage managers, managers production, marketing executives artists, lecturers and instructors, the art of writing, visual arts and performing arts, fashion designer, therapist dance, choreographer, trainer dance scene, producer, art director drama, cultural officer.

Art Technology Visual- technical director of theater, art teacher, curator of the gallery, theater operations manager and box office, the executive director of the publisher and printing, guest artist, graphic artist, designer interior images, designers, ceramic, television and radio program producer, editor edits video digital, broadcast media researcher, a cinematographer, photographer, copy writer, animator, web sites controllers, media reporters.

History-Information Officer, Governance at the Department of History Archive / Museum, Researcher at the Department of Archives / Museum, trainers.

Geography - Officer / Assistant Researcher, Consultant, Information Systems Analyst, Trainer, Urban Planning Officer, Meteorological Officer.

Relationship International- administrative and diplomatic officer, international political analysts, journalists, teachers and researchers, officials at the United Nations (UN) and the Organization of Non-Governmental Bodies another.

Sociology and Social Anthropology - Social Research Officer, Administrative Officer of the Public Curator.

Industrial relations - corporate relations officer, human resources officer, administrative officer, instructor.

Communication-Trainers, author, journalist, public relations officer, the publisher program.

4. Language Medium Used?

Bahasa Melayu and English

5. If there any inquiries, with whom I can contact?

You can contact directly to this following information:

Address            :Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage, Jalan UMS, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Contact No       :(+6088) 320 1771/ 2710/ 2711
Faks                  :(+6088) 320 242
Email                :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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