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The Practical Training is carried out at the final semester of study by every registered full time student at Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Upon completion of the Practical Training, the student will be considered as having completed his/her academic programme for the conferment of a bachelor’s degree with honours.
This Practical Training is in line with the objectives of Universiti Malaysia Sabah, which includes the following:
  • To produce graduates who are capable and ready to embark on good careers in both academic and co-curricular fields with a professional outlook and attitude.
  • To prepare academic program which have a strong theoretical and application-based foundations in line with current situations and needs. These program should emphasize efficient management and impeccable quality and achieve academic excellence at an international level;
  • To explore, safeguard and apply the disciplines effectively for social and national development, in line with the ethos of the University and our Country;
  • To enhance close linkages between Universiti Malaysia Sabah, industries, the Government, professional bodies and society.

This course requires students to do their practicum for the twelve-weeks period in an organization related to the field of accounting/business/economics. At the end of the practicum, the students require to submit a comprehensive report related with applied the theories learned in the lectures.

The report format must follow the style ‘Guidebook Practical training & Practical Report Writing’ published by Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy.


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