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Master of Human Capital Management (MHCM)

The Master of Human Capital Management (MHCM) programme prepares students to be strategic and tactical contributors in their organisations and achieve success as HR management professionals. Coursework, taught from the practitioner's perspective, focuses on applying HR competencies to real-world challenges and opportunities. 



  1. Creating knowledgeable managers and executives in the theoretical and technical aspects of HCM.
  2. Developing the capability of managers to integrate HR technology and psychological aspects of HCM.
  3. Promoting and developing responsible managers who will lead their organisations toward the creation of an excellent working environment.
  4. Enhancing knowledge and confidence levels among managers in various aspects (legal, managerial, technological) of HCM who will strengthen the efficiency of HCM in their respective organisations.
  5. Enhancing the HCM skills of managers that would allow them to gain recognition both locally and internationally.