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Accounting Programme (HE02) aims to nurture universally responsible professional accountants with international standards qualification and global skills in fulfilling the needs of the profession, nation, and global market.

PEO1: Accounting practitioners who optimize their knowledge and practical skills in the accounting discipline consistent with the requirements of the global accounting profession.
PEO2: Accounting practitioners who uplift and promote values, attitudes and professionalism through social skills and responsibilities.
PEO3: Accounting practitioners who lead and engage innovatively in problem solving tasks across disciplines through effective collaboration and effective communication.
PEO4: Accounting practitioners who dynamically respond to contemporary challenges with managerial and entrepreneurial skills through technological advancement and continuous professional development.

PLO1: Acquiring knowledge in financial accounting and reporting in accordance with approved accounting standards.
PLO2: Acquiring knowledge in financial and non-financial information to help management in making economic decisions.
PLO3: Acquiring knowledge to perform audits and assess internal control on business entities with appropriate technology and professional skepticism attitudes.
PLO4: Acquiring knowledge to prepare tax returns and to advise on matters relating to taxation on individuals and business entities.
PLO5: Acquiring knowledge in any other related fields.
PLO6: Use and evaluate information systems and technologies to achieve organisational objectives.
PLO7: Think critically and integrate knowledge to suggest solutions on accounting/legal issues.
PLO8: Demonstrate social skills and responsibility.
PLO9: Able to lead, working collaboratively in team and communicate effectively with orally or in writing with various stakeholders.
PLO10: Exhibit behavior that consistent with professional ethics and values.
PLO11: Demonstrate a commitment towards lifelong learning and professional development.
PLO12: Demonstrate excellent management and entrepreneurship skills.

Graduates with a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills in accounting will be able to meet the demands of extensive job prospects both in the public and private sectors. Graduates can venture into accounting related careers such as financial accounting, management accounting, corporate reporting, treasury, taxation, financial analysis, business analysis, business consultancy, risk management, financial management and others. Employment prospects not only limited to accountancy related jobs, but also in finance as well as another related field.
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