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Entrepreneurship Programme (HE04) aims to nurture innovative and universally responsible business executives (who with focused knowledge in entrepreneurship and business) to support the nation’s aspiration in positioning Malaysia as a global business hub. Students will be exposed to both theory and hand- on learning that extend beyond the classroom environment with a barring to produce a holistic business graduate that possess high entrepreneurial skills.

PEO1: Knowledgeable and technical competence in addressing contemporary business challenges.
PEO2: Effective in communication, perform well as a team player and demonstrate good leadership qualities in an organization.
PEO3: Capable to solve problems related to the field of entrepreneurship, creatively, innovatively, ethically, using numerical and technical skills, and through sustainable approach. 
PEO4: Able to demonstrate entrepreneurial skills and recognise the need of lifelong learning, as well as using a broad range of information, media and technology applications for successful career advancement. 

PLO1: Possess business knowledge across a wide range of contemporary business environment.
PLO2: Apply intellectual capabilities relevant to business challenges to create new business ideas, solutions, strategies and practices.
PLO3: Demonstrate skills in planning and organisation using tools, material, technology and procedures to enhance professional competence for sustainable business practices. 
PLO4: Demonstrate interactive communication, relationship and collaborative skills to manage business team.  
PLO5: Demonstrate effective communication in disseminating information using various tools and to a range of business audiences and environment.
PLO6: Apply digital technologies skills ethically for information storage, data processing, communication and problem solving in contemporary business challenges.
PLO7: Demonstrate quantitative and numerical skills to analyse the business environment.
PLO8: Demonstrate individual’s leadership to build relationship with varying degree of autonomy and accountability in business organisation.
PLO9: Demonstrate enthusiasm for independent learning and self-development with confidence self- control, proper social skills and etiquette in the business environment.
PLO10: Demonstrate creativity, grit and drive in enterprising  the business.
PLO11: Demonstrate awareness and respect of ethical, social and cultural differences professionally in business practices.      

Graduates may be interested in starting up their own businesses or advising those who do. Graduates may find employment opportunities in innovative or entrepreneurial positions in a wide range of leadership and support roles within existing enterprises, either large or small, or managing new ventures within large organizations.
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