Financial Management and Banking Programme (HE06) aims to nurture innovative and universally responsible business executives (who with focused knowledge in financial management and banking) to support the nation’s aspiration in positioning Malaysia as a global business hub. Students will be exposed to both theory and hand-on learning that extend beyond the classroom environment with aim to produce a holistic business graduate that possess a high entrepreneurial skill. This programme aims to produce business graduate s specializing in financial management and banking.

PEO1: Business executives who apply their knowledge and skills of business management in addressing contemporary business issues. (LO1) (LO2)
PEO2: Business executives who provide good responsible ethical business practices in engaging the society and business communities. (LO4) (LO3)
PEO3: Business executives who cogently communicate ideas and lead teams in innovating solutions to business-related problems. (LO5) (LO6)
PEO4: Business executives who manage and integrate information from diverse sources in seeking new knowledge, managing resources and enhancing their entrepreneurial skills. (LO7) (LO8)

PLO1: Apply business management and economics knowledge across a wide range of business and economic domain.
PLO2: Demonstrate relevant and appropriate skills to perform task effectively.
PLO3: Demonstrate responsibility in engagement with society while performing business activities.
PLO4: Demonstrate integrity and self-worth conduct in decision making and problem solving.
PLO5: Demonstrate effective communication, teamwork, and leadership skills in disseminating information in any business environment.
PLO6: Perform critical analysis and make sound decisions in addressing management issues.
PLO7: Demonstrate autonomous learning and managing information from diverse and conflicting sources.
PLO8: Analyze business opportunities and propose innovative ideas for the organization competitiveness.

Graduates will earn balance knowledge in the field of finance and banking. Graduates is expected to be employed either in public or private sector, i.e.: central bank, securities commission, finance department of local and federal government, banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, consultant as well as become an entrepreneur.