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This program aims to nurture innovative and universally responsible business executives (who with focused knowledge in hotel management) to support the nation’s aspiration in positioning Malaysia as a global business hub. Students will be exposed to both theory and hand- on learning that extend beyond the classroom environment with a barring to produce a holistic business graduate that possess a high entrepreneurial skills. Coverage of this specialization include courses such as introduction to hospitality industry, front office management, food preparation, food and beverage services, food and beverage management, accommodation management, hospitality marketing, special events operation, service management for hotel and hotel operation system.

Career Prospect
The opportunities in the hospitality industry career are nearly limitless. The outstanding economic growth of the global and (particularly) Malaysia tourism hospitality industry fuels an exceedingly quick rate of career evolution. A business degree specializing in hotel management graduate have the opportunity to a wide range of career paths that are not limited to accommodation/lodging operation, instead it extend to the food service entertainment, event/ exhibition, leisure/attraction and others. Alternatively, complimented with their business component courses knowledge, starting up their own hospitality business is not impossible.
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