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The program aims to foster innovative and responsible business executives globally (focused on marketing) in an effort to support the country’s aspirations in positioning Malaysia as a global business hub. Students will be exposed to theoretical and practical learning, beyond the lecture room environment in producing a holistic business graduates with high marketing skills. The program develops the basic knowledge of students through exposing to various business disciplines. This goal is achieved through the offering of various aspects of knowledge in the field of business according to specialization areas that are considered crucial in the marketing world. The areas of expertise include management and marketing which cover the knowledge of financial, accounting, market, sales, promotion, product, human resources, cross-culture and international business policy. Students will be exposed to various teaching methods such as case study analysis, industries and/ or departments visits and practicum training. The offering of the program is also aimed at producing a competitive and innovative workforce as well as realizing the desire to produce excellent graduates at both domestic and global levels.

Career Prospect
Graduates has the opportunity to involve in global, multi-national and local organization as well non-governmental and non -profitable organisation to contribute in the marketing field. Graduate can venture into marketing related areas such as marketing planning, sales management, brand management, product and advertising management, retail management, public relations and publicity, services management and marketing research and analytics.
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