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Human Resource Economics Programme (HE11) aims to nurture innovative, resilient and universally responsible economists to support national aspiration of becoming a developed and high income nation.

PEO1: Economists who are knowledgeable and technically competent in the field of human resource economics in line with industry requirement locally and globally. (LOD1) (LOD3)
PEO2: Economists who are effective in communication, perform well as a team player and demonstrate good leadership qualities in an organisation. (LOD4) (LOD5) (LOD8)
PEO3: Economists who are capable to solve problems related to the field of human resource economics creatively, innovatively, and ethically using numerical and technical skills, and through sustainable approach.  (LOD2) (LOD7) (LOD11)
PEO4: Economists who are able to demonstrate entrepreneurship skills and recognise the need of lifelong learning, as wells using a broad range of information, media and technology applications for successful career advancement. (LOD6) (LOD9) (LOD10)

PLO1: Demonstrate basic and advanced technical and non-technical knowledge in business and economics concepts, principles and theories.
PLO2: Apply knowledge and cognitive skills and provide creative solutions to economics problems and contemporary economics issues.
PLO3: Employ various business and economic tools and methods in economics analyses.
PLO4: Demonstrate social skills and responsibilities to society and other relevant stakeholders. 
PLO5: Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively in various medium with experts and non-experts.
PLO6: Demonstrate autonomous learning using digital technologies and managing information from diverse and conflicting sources.
PLO7: Demonstrate high quantitative skills and numerical abilities in analysing contemporary business and economics issues.
PLO8: Demonstrate leadership skills and team work abilities to build relationships at varying degrees of autonomy with various stakeholders.
PLO9: Demonstrate excellent life skills and self-enthusiasm for independent learning, career development and lifelong learning.
PLO10: Demonstrate managerial and entrepreneurial skills in providing sustainable economy for the country.
PLO11: Demonstrate local and universal values, attitudes and professionalism in harmonizing economic well-being of society.

Graduates from human resource economics will be able to work in a variety of fields at the federal, state and local government level. Many economists work for corporations and help them understand how the economy will affect their business. Economists also work for research firms and think tanks, where they study and analyze a variety of economic issues.
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