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The program aims to nurture innovative and responsible business executives globally (focused on tourism management) in an effort to support the country’s aspirations in laying Malaysia as a global business hub. Students will be exposed to theoretical and practical learning beyond the lecture room environment in the hope of producing a holistic business graduates with high entrepreneurial skills. Thus, students are able to apply the knowledge and skills that needed by the tourism industry in the private or public sector. In addition, this program objective is to recruit and produce individuals equipped with personal, technical and conceptual skills; which those elements are very significant for tourism that practices service oriented and globally trait.

Career Prospect
Studying Tourism at UMS can lead to a rewarding career in a number of tourism industry sectors (national and international). Opportunities will exist in the fields of travel consultancy, tour operations, destination marketing, attractions and destination management, events programming, government and public service and small business development (possibly leading to self- employment).