The Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy (FBEA) was established in 1995 under the name of School of Business and Economics. The aspiration of its establishment was the needs for professionals in the area of management, business and economics. Realizing the importance of human capital as a basis to create a developed nation, as outlined in Vision 2020, the academic program in FPEP is formulated to produce quality graduates to fulfill the needs for capable managers, entrepreneurs, accountants, economists and industrial players. Apart from fulfilling the needs of the nation and optimizing the existing competitive advantage, the graduates of FPEP is prepared to compete in the global market with international standard, technical ability and soft skill. In line with the economic and business development, the dynamic academic programmes in FBEA have progressively developed to become ten undergraduate programmes that encapsulate the discipline of business, economics and accountancy. After 20 years of its establishment, FBEA has successfully produced more than 10,000 graduates (undergraduate and postgraduate) who came from various countries and now becoming important assets to various sectors and industries internationally. Beside a continuous quality assurance and benchmark internationally, research activities and community engagement are also empowered via global networking with various institution and organizations. With the visionary education philosophy, that crystallised in the form of a long range plan called Malaysian Education Development Plan (PPPM, 2015-2015), FBEA is progressing with academic, scholarly and research activities based on the University niche area, in particular entrepreneurship and hospitality industry.


The Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy (FBEA) strives to be an innovative world-class faculty, in line with the Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) vision.


The Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy (FBEA) strives to achieve excellence in the dissemination of knowledge in the fields of business, economics and accountancy towards the attainment of international recognition, for its teaching and learning, research, publication, community engagements and the balanced specialization of knowledge. The strive for excellence is vested through the personality development of students complimented with soft skills as well as entrepreneurial skills in support to the society and the Nation’s aspiration towards attaining high productivity and quality.


 To achieve an academic scholarly world class excellence in the field of business, economics and accountancy.
 To explore, uphold and optimize business, economic and accounting knowledge effectively for the University, community and nation development.
 To conserve academic freedom, to appreciate knowledge tradition and to maintain intellectual robustness among the community of FPEP and University.
 To produce proactive, creative, competent, competitive, ethical and dynamic graduates.
 To provide undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes in the area of business, economic and accountancy that covering various specialization with the quality as expected by the market.
 To carry out research activities, consultancy, community engagement, and academic publication in the area of business, economics and accountancy, relevant to the niche of the University, with commercial values and in line with the needs of the nation, community and industry.
 To establish networking with academic institutions, government, private and the third sectors, and professional bodies locally and internationally to enhance value, professionalism and excellence of the faculty and University.
 To educate and enhance holistic values and enterprising mind with responsibility among scholars, officers, support staff and members of the faculty to achieve optimum, high quality, innovative and high impact productivity.


FBEA aims to provide its students with fundamental as well as application–based knowledge in the fields of business, economics and accountancy and highly support the promotion of life-long learning at undergraduate as well as postgraduate level, providing a strong pathway towards promoting life-long professionalism in the area of study.


At the end of studies, Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy graduates should be able to:
 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding in the respective area of studies.
 Demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills in the area of business, accounting and economics.
 Work independently, lead and be a team player.
 Demonstrate effective communication and have good command of written and spoken English language.
 Demonstrate professionalism, ethical behaviours and practices as well as social responsibilities.
 Demonstrate a commitment to life-long learning and professional development.
 Display effective managerial skills.
 Use effectively computer and other technologies appropriate to the discipline.
 Integrate all knowledge, either theoretically or practically that they have obtained in order to prepare them for any professional qualification.
 Identify, explore and evaluate any work or business opportunity in any field.