No. Researcher (Leader)Type of GrantProject CodeResearch TitleTotal Amount (RM)
1.Ida Shafinaz Mohamed KamilSkim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0265-2020Fake News During Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak: A Legal and Psychological Perspective78,600.00
2. Noor Fzlinda Fabeil Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0252-2020Kajian Impak PKP akibat Penularan Covid-19 kepada Perniagaan Kecil di Sabah: Strategi Menghadapi Krisis oleh Peniaga Kecil di Luar Bandar 5,000.00
3. Ramraini Ali Hassan Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0179-2020Readiness Of Sabah Smes Towards E-commerce Adoption During MCO Covid-19 20209,500.00
4. Salmah Topimin Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0200-2020Reshaping the  Government Entrepreneurial Support Programmes (GESPs) for micro and Small Businesses: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Crisis11,000.00
5. Sharifah Rahama Amirul Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0210-2020The Future Business of Post Pandemic World30,000.00
6. Mat Salleh Ayub Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0184-2020The Impact of Covid-19 on Business Survival Among Small and Medium Enterprises in Sabah11,250.00
7. Iklima Husna Abdul Rahim Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0232-2020The Impact of Covid-19 towards Learning Process among University Students5000.00
8.Sidah IdrisSkim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0211-2020The Impact of Innovative Value Chain in facing MCO: Enhancing Local Businesses Performance in Sabah31,000.00
9. Phang IngSkim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0174-2020Post Covid-19: The Impacts on Small and Medium Sized Grocery Retail Markets and Consumers’ Consumptions Patterns15,000.00
10.Zaiton OsmanSkim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0140-2020The Level of Awareness and Social Impact of Covic-19 among Sabahan6,500.00
11.Nelson LajuniUMSGreatGUG0487-1/2020Determinants of Retirement Planning Behaviour among Working Individuals in Sabah10,000.00
12.Rafiq IdrisSkim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0094-2019Sabah's Economy: Issues and the Way Forward100,000.00
13.Rafiq IdrisSkim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0120-2019Potential Cost & Benefit of Sabah-Kalimantan Road Connectivity90,000.00
14.Sarma AralasSkim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0103-2019Kinabalu Geopark: Economic Issues and Impact80,000.00
15.Marry Tracy Pawan Skim Lantikan Baru (SLB)SLB0199An investigation of customer attitudes and behavior towards street foods consumption: A perspective from local and tourist5,000.00
16.Juliana Langgat SGPIPHD0026Going Green in Kopitiam Operator awareness, customer perseptions and intentions10,000.00
17.Awangku Hassanal bahar Pengiran Bagul SDNSDN0017Sustainable Development for Poverty Alleviation66,000.00
18.Jennifer Chan Kim Lian Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDKN008Developing and promoting sustainable tourism products and services along Petagas-Putatan River20,000.00
19.Iklima Husna Abdul Rahim Skim Lantikan Baru (SLB)SLB0200Meninjau Persepsi Pelajar terhadap  pendidikan keusahawanan: Kajian Terhadap program Keusahawanan7,000.00
20.Jennifer Chan Kim Lian Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0138Impacts of Coronavirus and movement of control on Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Sabah34,250.00
21. Marry Tracy Pawan Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0201Effect of Covid 19 on Event Industry in Sabah : Event Audience Perception and Readiness Towards Event Digitization5,500.00
22.Ahmad Shakani Abdullah Skim Lantikan Baru (SLB)SLB2002Consumer Preference Towards Local Nasi Lemak : Modern vs Traditional10,000.00
23.Prof. Datuk Dr Kasim Hj MansurSkim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0269-2020Peranan USIA dan Tun Datu Mustapha dalam Aspek Pembangunan Sosio Ekonomi Masyarakat dan Dakwah di Sabah50,000.00
24.Yuzainy JaninUNDPUNDP -PBIKEmpowering youth roles in promoting sustainable river-based tourism in the districts of Papar and Beaufort, Sabah 150,000.00
25. Jaratin Lily Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0218-2020A Study on Impacts of Coronavirus Pandemic on Local Tamu Business Operators in Sabah 30,000.00
26.Jennifer Chan Kim Lian Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK1420-2020Impacts of Coronavirus and movement of control  on Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Sabah  34,250.00
27.Chan Hak LiongSkim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0190-2020Effects of resillience on perceived non-work contraints and work adjustment among expatriates: The role of perceived organisational support15,200.00
28.Toh Pei SungSkim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0202-2020Social distancing, mental health care, hand hygiene and mask management in the prevention of Covid-199,500.00
29.Sidah IdrisUMSGreatGUG0442-1/2020 A Study on Southeast Asia Countries: How Well Does Patent and Copyright Influence International Trade? 10,000.00
30.Sidah IdrisUMSGreatGUG0475-1/2020 The Impact of Land Transportation linkages towars Intention to remain Business Activities among Tamu Traders in West Coast Sabah 2,500.00
31.Sidah IdrisUMSGreatGUG0476-1/2020The Impact of Maritime Security in East-Coast of Sabah Waters Towards Workers Perception in Maritime Trade2,500.00
32.Sidah IdrisUMSGreatGUG0477-1/2020Effects of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Learning Orientation towards SMEs Export Performance2,500.00
33.Zuraidah Jamrin Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0245-2020Crocker Range's Sacha Inchi (Plukenitia Volubilis Linae) Marketing and Product Development for Kinaluan's B40 Economic Development50,000.00
34,Jaratin Lily SGPIPHD0029-2020A study on the non-linearity hypothesis between various macroeconomic variables and global factors in Asian countries10,000.00
35.Jennifer Chan Kim Lian Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0135-2020Produce Innovation, Marketing and Branding Authentic Rural Herbal Garden and Guesthouse Package at Dai-C Recreation Centre, Kiulu30,000.00
36.Borhan Abdullah FRGS-RACERRACER14-2019Educational Mismatch of Native and Immigrant Workers in Selected Sectors in Sabah 28,000.00
37.Prof. Dr. Rasid Mail GLSGLS0028-2019SESB Customer Satisfaction Index Study 2019350,000.00
38.Cheong Jia Qi             Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0155-2020Covid 19: The Impact of E-commerce on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Sabah11,000.00
39.Roslinah Bt Mahmud Skim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0249-2020The Effect of Working from Home on Work Productivity36,000.00
40.Prof. Datuk Dr Kasim Hj MansurSkim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0258-2020The Economic Impacts of Covid19: Self-Employed and Small Business80,000.00
41. Dayangku Aslinah Abdul Rahim FRGSFRGSFaktor Penyertaan Wanita B40 Bandar Dalam Sektor Ekonomi Tidak Formal Di Sabah56,700.00
42.Prof. Dr. Rasid Mail LKSLKS2001SESB Customer Satisfaction Index Study 2020360,000.00
43. Prof . Madya Dr. Wong Hock TsenFRGSFRG0538-2020Analysing The Welfare Effect of Energy Proce Uncertainty and the Role of Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interactions in Malaysia77,400.00
44. Toh Pei SungUMSGreatGUG0473-1/2020The Determinants of Dropping Out of Primary School among Rural Students2500.00
45.Toh Pei SungUMSGreatGUG0479-1/2020The Effects of Selection Attributes of Cafe on Revisit Intention2500.00
46.Toh Pei SungSkim Lantikan Baru (SLB)SLB0171-2018Faculty Core Courses Evaluation based on the Kirkpatrick Framework 10,000.00
47.Saizal PinjamanFRGS-RACERRACER10-2019Factors affecting house price in Malaysia: economic and non-economic determinants24,000.00
48.Debbra Toria NipoFRGS-RACERRACER08-2019Technology and Human Development in Malaysia: A Fundamental Analysis20,400.00
49.Salmah Topimin FRGSFRGSTBA39,614.00
50.Rozaidy MahadiFRGSFRG0493-2018Developing Financial Integrity Assessment Model for Religious Nonprofit Organizations in Malaysia 71,650.00
51.Janice Nga Lay HuiGKPGKP0020-2018TBA160,000.00
52.Sharifah Rahama AmirulFRGSFRG0461-2017TBA54,000.00
53.Datu Razali Datu EranzaTLSTLS1909Study on Human Capital Assessment in Labuan7,000.00
54.Khairul Hanim Pazim FRGSFRG0460-2017Developing and Validating a Qualitative Labour Productivity Instrument for Micro-level Analysis in Service Industry55,000.00
55.Rusli LatimahaLPKLPK2009Does Mobile Apps Help Grow your Business? The Case of Delivery Services in Sabah10,000.00
56.Mori KogidSBK UMSSBK0376-2018TBA25,000.00
57.Zuraidah JamrinSkim Dana Khas (SDK) UMSSDK0245-2020TBA50,000.00