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The Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture (or previously known as School of Sustainable Agriculture) was established on 4th May 2006 with the aim of training manpower in the fields of crop production, livestock production and horticulture and landscape who will assist in improving the agriculture sector of the country based on three main principles – Sustainability, Awareness and High Technology. This school will also play a role in developing and providing latest knowledge on agriculture through teaching and research. Through learning, research, innovation and extension of sustainable agriculture this school aspires to become a centre of learning in the field of agriculture.


The Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture endeavours to become a prominent centre of agricultural knowledge in this region based on Sustainable, Sensitive and High Technology principles.


The Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture endeavours to produce graduates who have acquired a well-balanced, excellent knowledge of international standards in agriculture through teaching and learning, research, publications and social work.  


The main goals of the school's programs are to produce graduates who can contribute to the skilled and knowledgeable manpower in the field of agriculture and are able to compete at both national and international levels. The graduates should possess the following characteristics:

  1. High achiever, integrity, entrepreneurship and sensitive to the issues of environmental conservation.
  2. Have vast knowledge in management of various aspects of conventional and contemporary agriculture.
  3. Adaptable to changes in technology development in the agricultural sector.
  4. Apt and efficient to act as sound farm entrepreneurs and agricultural managers.