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The Faculty of Psychology and Education is currently offering the largest and varied postgraduate programs. Our faculty is striving to pioneer postgraduate education as we have a large population of postgraduate students with the strength of nearly over 300 students. The postgraduate study program can be completed through coursework and research.


    1. Masters in Psychology (Counseling)
    2. Graduate Diploma in Drug Abuse


    1. Masters in Education (Education Management)
    2. Masters in Education (TESL)
    3. Masters in Education (Computer in Education)
    4. Masters in Education (Science)
    5. Masters in Education (Health and Physical Education)
    6. Masters in Education (Curriculum Design)

Entry for a Masters program (coursework and research): -
Prospective students should have a Bachelor Degree with Honors, Teaching Diploma or Certificate or Bachelor Degree in Education with Honors for education program and Bachelor Degree in Psychology with Honors or related to any specialization from any institution of higher education recognized by the Senate.
Entry for a Ph.D (research): -
Prospective students should have a Masters Degree related to any specialization from any institution of higher education recognized by the Senate.


Coursework-based students have to complete the courses and pass 40 credit hours including dissertation.


Coursework (part-time): 2 – 4 years (not exceeding 8 semesters)


Students will have to undergo four semesters of coursework-based study at Masters Level. Coursework mode is implemented only during weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Lectures for each course for one semester 2 courses with 4 credits each will be offered for each semester. Students have to complete the course work given and have to sit for examinations each semester. Presentation for dissertation proposal will take place in the third semester and submission of the complete dissertation is in the fourth semester.


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