School of Medicine was established in the year 2003 to produce graduate doctors and graduates in health sciences to cater to the professional human resource needs and health experts in Malaysia and BIMP-EAGA area. It was changed to Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in the Year 2014.

Approach to learning and teaching in the faculty is to educate graduates for the twenty first century who are caring, competent, noble in character, understand the values of and are sensitive to the local cultural life. In addition to realizing our academic excellence, research and innovation. The graduates will be exposed to critical thinking, be competent and progressive with the ability to work in harmony with the health sector and other related sectors.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is committed to forge ahead and develop strategies to become a centre of excellence in research and service in the region. Info Below are the Medical Doctor Programme and Requirement:



Candidates must pass Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or any equivalent examination recognised by the Malaysian Government and/or other equivalent qualifications approved by the Senate, and a credit in both Bahasa Malaysia/Bahasa Melayu and English Language. A credit in Bahasa Malaysia/Bahasa Melayu July paper is also accepted.


The selection of medical candidates is made based on their achievements in the matriculation or STPM/HSC examinations or their equivalents. Those candidates with STPM/HSC qualifications must obtain at least three principals and one subsidiary in the science subjects in the same examination. For candidates with matriculation qualifications, the minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is 3.5.


The duration of the undergraduate Medical programme is five (5) to seven (7) years.
In the 3 - 5 Year, students are given minimal lectures and go through rotational clinical postings. They are expected to change their learning mode to an apprenticeship or internship type model where most of learning is achieved by seeing patients in different context and setting.


On successful completion of the programme, candidates should possess the ability to provide efficient and total health management to patients. Contribute and participate actively in community health programmes. Practice medicine, throughout their career, in a humanitarian, ethical, moral and cost-effective manner. Serve in a self-reliant manner as well as collaborating with other professional colleagues with loyalty and a strong sense of team spirit. Learn from experience and adapt to change, as an integral part of the process of self-learning to improve performance.


HM00 Doctor of Medicine

UNIVERSITY CORE  (17 credit hours)
Center of Knowledge and Languages - 6 Credit Hours
Languages - 8 Credit Hours
Co-Curriculum - 3 Credit Hours
FACULTY CORE  (12 credit hours)
MT10104 Personal and Professional Development
MT10302 Continuos Professional Development
MT10204 Evidence - Based Scientific Enquiry
MT10602 University - Family Partnership Community Wellness Program (UFPCWP)
PROGRAMME CORE MM  (192 credit hours)
MM10102 - Clinical Skill Laboratory
MM10208 - Structure, Function and Metabolism of Human Body I
MM10308  - Structure, Function and Metabolism of Human Body II
MM10402 - Body Response to Injury
MM10506 - Agent of Diseases
MM20102 - Medicine and Community
MM20205 - Infection and Nutrient Deficiency
MM20305 - Cardiorespiratory System
MM20405 - Musculoskeletal and Skin System
MM20505 - Gastrointestinal, Billiary and Genitourinary System
MM20605 - Blood, Lymphatic, Endocrine and Immunity System
MM20705 - Nervous System and Mental Health
MM20802 - Epidemiology in Clinical Practice
MM30104 - Introduction to Clinical Medicine Therapeutics & Radiology (ICMP)
MM30209 - Medical Junior Posting (MJP)
MM30309 - Surgery Junior Posting (SJP)
MM30409 - Obstetrics & Gynecology Junior Posting (OGJP)
MM40108 - Paediatric Junior Posting (PJP)
MM40308 - Community Medicine Posting (CMP)
MM40408 - Psychiatry Posting (PYP)
MM40508 - Orthopedic Posting (OP)
MM40608 - Combined Specialty Posting (CSP)
MM40708 - Family Medicine and District Hospital Posting (FMDHP)
MM40802 - Forensic Medicine Posting (FMP)
MM50110 - Medical Senior Posting (MSP)
MM50210 - Surgery Senior Posting (SSP)
MM50310 - Obstetrics and Gynecology Senior Posting (OGSP)
MM50510 - Paediatric Senior Posting (PSP)
MM50405 - Shadow House Officer Posting (SHOP)
MT50106 - Elective Posting