Seminar 2018

  1. Seminar Series I/2018

26.01.2018; Health & environment: the last half century in Japan and Globe;  Emrt Prof. Chiho Watanabe

  1. Seminar Series II/2018

28.02.2018; CDR (Call Detailed Record) data for infectious disease geospatial transmission analysis; Dr. Wataru Ohira

  1. Seminar Series III/2018

23.05.2018; Promoting one health through zoonotic disease surveillance: The predict, dtra and ideal projects in Malaysia; Mr. Tom Hughes


  1. Seminar Series IV/2018

21.08.2018; Ebola, Nipah, Disease X and the new global strategy to fight emerging diseases; Dr. Peter Daszak

          3.2      Symposium 2018

          International Symposium on Physiological Anthropology (ISPA), 15-18 October 2018