Medical Ethics



The Medical Research Ethics Committee (Jawatankuasa Etika Penyelidikan Perubatan) is the Ethics Committee under Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS):-

Guidelines for Approval of Research Ethics

  1. Any clinical research that uses human life as a subject by UMS researchers should obtain the consent of this committee.
  1. Research involving human waste, cadaver, tissue, biological fluid, embryo or fetus should also be approved by this committee.
  1. The researcher must submit an application for ethical approval to the Secretariat of the Ethics Committee using the form provided. Applications can be developed throughout the year.
  1. All applications will be brought to UMS Medical Research Ethics Committee Meeting for approval.
  1. Any research having ethical issues cannot be instituted prior to the approval of this committee. This meeting will be held 4 to 6 times a year, subject to acceptance of the application.
  1. Approved applications will be given the ethical approval number.


Committee Duties

  1. Discuss and approve the ethical issue of a research proposal that uses the patient as a sample of the study, especially those involving clinical trials.
  1. Provide advice to modify the proposed research that violates ethics.
  1. Terminate any ongoing or ongoing experiments that violate ethics.
  1. Discuss any appeal rejected applications or terminated projects.
  1. Provide rules and mechanisms for monitoring all research related to medical ethics.


Download form

  1. Ethics_Checklist
  2. Ethics_Approval form
  3. Ethics_Borang Persetujuan Subjek [BM]
  4. Ethics_Consent Form [BI]
  5. 2019 Meeting Calendar


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