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FSMP Mobility Students Program

Promoted by the Ministry of Higher Education, FSMP aims to facilitate and provide a unique platform for students to obtain an overseas journey and cultural experience, in addition to the exposure to various disciplines about food science, food technology, and bioprocess, food service, as well as nutrition.


Three types of mobility programs are offered at the moment:


1. With credit hours transfer, duration: 1 semester

Students are allowed to choose courses offered during the registered semester for credit transfer. All courses are conducted in English. Students are deem required to attend all lectures and assessment methods determined by the course instructor for the eligibility of credit transfer.


2. Without credit hours transfer, duration: 2 months minimum

Students are usually enrolled in this program for final year project or research study. Each student will be assigned to an academician for the monitoring and assessment of the progress of the project or research study. It can also be jointly supervised by the academician of the original University of the student.


3. Without credit hours transfer, duration: 2 weeks

Students in this type of program will gain learning experience with our current students in selected courses, as well as exposure to the local cultural aspects around the town. Throughout the duration of stay, students will be assisted by assigned academician and student(s).