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Programmes Offered

Currently only postgraduates degrees by research are available in the school. Among the degree offered are:

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  2. Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
  3. Master of Science (MSc)


Field of Studies & Specialization

The research activities that are carried out in the school can be categorized into the following field of studies and specialization:



Food Science

Food quality and safety

Food fermentation

Food chemistry and biochemistry

Food microbiology

Food product development

Food toxicology

Functional food

Flavour science

Antimicrobial properties of natural products

Physicochemical properties of food

Sensory evaluation of food

Halal food


Food Technology

Food fermentation technology

Food processing technology

Food product development

Postharvest handling technology



Nutritional epidemiology

Community nutrition


Food Service


Food service quality assurance




Candidates who wish to apply can obtain the application form from the Centre of Postgraduate Studies, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. The completed application form together with the relevant documents and research proposal shall be submitted to Centre of Postgraduate Studies. Further information on the application can be found at the website of Centre of Postgraduate Studies (website: http://www.ums.edu.my).


Entry Requirements

The Selection Committee will evaluate the applicant’s ability to pursue the program based on the following criteria:


Master of Science (MSc)

Candidate shall hold a bachelor degree of Food Science / Food Technology / Food Service or related fields from any institutions recognized by the Senate, with a minimum CGPA of 3.0. Candidate with CGPA below 3.0 (above 2.8) or not holding bachelor degree in related field may be required (by the committee or supervisor) to attend a few undergraduate courses during the candidature period.


Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Only a fulltime candidate with CGPA above 3 (hold a bachelor degree in Food Science / Food technology / Food Service or related fields from any institutions recognized by the Senate) is eligible to apply for MPhil. Candidate is subjected to guideline for conversion of registration from MPhil to PhD. The application can only be made after the candidate has satisfactorily completed 2 consecutively registered semesters (12 months) and must have presented at least 2 papers in a seminar or conference. The candidate must also have fulfilled the requirement for conversion stipulated by the school. Request for conversion after 15 months of registration will not be processed.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Candidate shall hold a master’s degree or other qualifications equivalent to master’s degree recognized by the Senate.


Duration of Studies

Master of Science

Full time: 2 – 6 semesters

Part time: 4 – 10 semesters


Master of Philosophy

Full time: after satisfactorily completed 2 consecutively registered semesters (12 months) + presented at least 2 papers in a seminar or conference [eligible for request conversion of registration from MPhil to PhD]. If request did not approve by Committee, candidate have to continue MPhil for maximum 6 semester.

Part time: not allowed


Doctor of Philosophy

Full time: 6 – 12 semesters

Part time: 8 – 14 semesters



A candidate undergoing postgraduate by research will be supervised by a supervisor and a co-supervisor or a committee whose specialization are related to the candidate’s discipline. Most of the supervisors are PhD holders with years of experiences in teaching and research in their respective fields.