Programme Aims, Objectives, Learning Outcomes (UH6541002/HS04)


Programme Aims

The program aims to produce competent and knowledgeable professionals in the field of food science and nutrition to meet the market demands and aspirations of national development.


Programme Objectives (PO):

A few years after successful completion of the programme, our graduates are:

  • Able to apply their knowledge and act responsively to the contemporary issues associated with food industry.
  • Competent in technical skills and able to carry out activities and tasks related to quality assurance and R&D.
  • Capable of critically analyzing and solving problems related to food science and nutrition.
  • Able to communicate effectively with good interpersonal skills, innovative minds and willingness to take challenges at national or international level.
  • Aware of current economic, social and ethical issues that promote life-long learning and entrepreneurial mind-set for continuous self-improvement.



Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO):

Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates are expected to be able to:


Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and able to apply relevant knowledge in the field of food science and nutrition for the benefit of the industry.


Demonstrate practical/technical skills in food science and nutrition (laboratory/field work).


Demonstrate effective social skills and engage with the food industry.


Demonstrate very good values, attitudes, ethics and professionalism in carrying out tasks related to food science and nutrition or within the food industry.


Demonstrate effective communication skills as an individual or group, leadership skills and teamwork skills to complete assigned tasks.


Think critically and apply scientific skills in solving problems and challenges related to the food and health industry.


Perform self-directed learning through effective information handling and recognize the importance of lifelong learning for continuous self-improvement.


Demonstrate managerial and entrepreneurial skills to transfer some of the idea or scientific outputs into business opportunities.


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