Programme Aims, Objectives, Learning Outcomes (UH6541001/HG09)


The Food Service programme in the Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition (FSMP), Universiti Malaysia Sabah aims to produce a competent and knowledgeable professionals in the field of food science with food service to meet the market demand and the aspirations of the national developments.



To achieve this, an educational objectives constructed in-line with the program goals. The program educational objectives are:

  1. To produce graduates who are knowledgeable in the field of food science (majoring in Food Service) that it recognized nationally and internationally.
  2. To produce graduates who are capable to apply the core competencies of food service in conducting research and under working environment.
  3. To produce graduates with specialization in food production and management in institutional or commercial organization.
  4. To equip graduates with skill that encompasses communication, critical thinking, problem solving, professionalism, life-learning, information literacy, organizational and entrepreneurial.
  5. To nurture universal humanistic values and patriotism among graduates on top of their specialization




    PLO 1

    Apply knowledge in the field of Food Service and foundation of food science whether in theory based and practical skills, understanding, experiencing, awareness and confidence in science and food services, and enables graduates are recognized locally and internationally. 

    PLO 2

    Apply practical skill  in the field of Food Science and  Food Service 

    PLO 3

    Be competent, ethical, righteous and patriotic, also responsible and disciplined towards themselves, society and nation(Social Skill)

    PLO 4

    Manage colleagues and subordinates effectively as well as address issues with ethic and professional manner

    PLO 5

    Communicate effectively as well as demonstrate their leadership skills and work effectively in a team to achieve the targeted goal. 

    PLO 6

    Think critically in problems solving and conduct research in Food Service  using rigorous methodology to execute, collect, analyse and interpret data.

    PLO 7

    Competently use information technology that could promote continual lifelong learning

    PLO 8

    Plan and create entrepreneurial opportunities and managerial skill especially in food industry. 

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