Published: Monday, 06 July 2015

The Faculty of Science and Natural Resources (FSSA) was established with the primary aim to produce innovative and dynamic graduates in the field of science and natural resources towards achieving an innovative university status of international standing. With its campus location situated in a region rich in natural resources such as mineral, flora and fauna encompassing both terrestrial and marine, the programmes offered are based on science, technology and towards environmental sustainability. The faculty offers fourteen (14) programmes that lead to a Bachelors Degree with Honours in biological science, chemistry, applied physics, applied mathematics, environmental science, earth science and forestry.


To produce knowledgeable, honest, well-balanced and competent graduates in the field of science, technology and natural resources that are competitive at national and global level.


  1. To expend the developments relating to science and technology through education and research, in line with the national desire to become a developed nation;
  2. To produce graduated that are efficient, skilled professionals with expertise based on the chosen programme core and well supported by predetermined elective courses;
  3. To equipped graduated with a strong theory and application of the programme core towards a strong foundation to pursue post graduate studies;
  4. To provide elective courses to faculties in fulfillment of requirement for completion of study, in line with University’s goal towards producing a well-balanced graduate;
  5. To produce forestry graduated in consistent with the needs of Forest and Wood Industry of the Country, including forest plantation sector and management of forest and nature parks and recreation;
  6. To prepare students with strong basic and professionalism in forestry and wood industry with management abilities which could be applied in various subsector in the relevant industries; and
  7. To provide students with knowledge and competence in the forest and wood profession at the national and international level.

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