Published: Friday, 19 July 2013

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Ketua projek

Project Leader

Tajuk Penyelidikan

Research Title

Jenis & Jumlah Geran

Grant Type & Amount

PM Dr.

Aini Janteng

New subclasses of star-like functions w.r.t other points and related classes

KPT (RM46,00.00)

Dr. Chong Khim Phin

Evaluation on the effectiveness of LesTani in Oil Palm Estates (A Field Trial)

UMS (RM 15,000)

Dr. Chong Khim Phin

Evaluation on the Efficacy of Microbial Approaches in the Control of Ganoderma boninense and their Effects on Soil Microbial Diversity

Nestle Sdn Bhd.           (RM 178,000)

Dr. Chong Khim Phin

Identification on Ganoderma Isolates from Sawit Kinabalu Group’s Oil Palm Plantations of Sabah

Sawit Kinabalu Sdn Bhd. (RM 10,000)

Fong Siat Yee

Lactose phlorizin persistence and its genetic basis

FRGS (RM 72,000)

Dr. Mohamadu Boyie Jalloh

Biochar in tropical soils: Elucidating the effects ofamendment types on fertilizer phosphorus dynamics, crop performance and soil CO2 flux.

FRG0301-STWN-1/2011  (RM125,000)

Januarius Gobilik

Ecotype enumeration of Cynodon dactylon (l). Pers. (Bermuda grass) in Sabah and assessment of potential use in turfgrass and medicine

Nestle Sdn Bhd.           (RM 50,000)

PM. Dr. Jedol Dayou

Assessment on the potential harnessing of ocean energy for electricity generation TF0609D139

 SIRIM Berhad               (RM 30,000)

PM. Dr. Jedol Dayou

Piezoelectric material as a new electrical power generator

FRGS (RM43,500)

PM. Dr. Kawi Bidin

Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystem (SAFE): Impacts of retaining riparian forest zones of differing width on erosion and water quality in newly converted oil palm plantations

The Royal Society/SAFE (funded by Sime Darby),  Acc No PR00025), (RM150,000.00)

Dr. Rossita Shapawi

Bioprospecting of seahorses traded as traditional medicine: its nutritional values, antioxidation and anti-microbial activities

Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.  (RM 36,000)

Rubia Idris

Preparation and characterization of Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) nano fibers reinforced carbon nanotubes (CNF) by electrospinning technique

KPT (RM39,000.00)

Ruzaidi Azli Mohd Mohktar

 Analysis of apoptosis and proliferation-related genes expression on breast cancer cell lines treated with wild-edible mushroom

FRGS (RM 65,800)

Dr. Sazmal Effendi bin Arshad

Firing properties and microstructural characterization of porcelain stoneware from clay in Kimanis, sabah

FRGS0272-SG-2/2010  (RM76,000.00) 

 PM. Dr. Jedol Dayou

 Assessment of the potential of harnessing ocean energy for electricity generation

 Geran Luar (SIRIM Berhad), FRGS (RM30,000)