Research Grants 2014

Published: Wednesday, 01 June 2016
1Dr. Rahmath Abdulla Galactose fermenting wild type Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain for bioethanol synthesis FRG0366-SG-1/2014
2PM.Dr. Phua Mui How Land Resources Use Patterns Analysis in Northen Laos Using Satellite Remore Sensing and Gis Techniques GL00122
3Dr. Jephte Sompud Assessing the Carrying Capacity of Tourism Industry by Using Avian Community as Bioindicator: A Case Study in Gaya Island, Sabah. FRG0372-STWN-1/2014
4Dr. Noraini AbdullahDr. Stephen Liason Sondoh Jr.Identification of Factors Affecting Business Performances and Development of Business Sustainability Models for Malaysian SMEs15,000SBK0159-SS-2014
5Dr. Jephte SompudOswald @ Aisat Igau;  Maklarin LakimThe Carrying Capacity assessment of Ecotourism by using understory birds as bioindicators: A Study Case in Gaya Island.95.2KFRG0372-STWN-1/2014