The Insect Collection Room kept more than 117,499 insect specimens that have been preserved and stored in a compactor. The compactor in this Insect Collection Room has been donated by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) through the BBEC (Bornean Biodiversity and Ecosystem Conservation) program. The insect orders available in this collection room are Hymenoptera (ant, wasp and bee), Lepidoptera (moth and butterfly), Coleoptera (beetle), Order Blattaria (cockroach), Orthoptera (grasshopper and cricket), Diptera (mosquito and fly) and many others. In addition to the research collection, BORNEENSIS receives a large collection of duplicate and gift specimens as a result of collaboration with local and international researchers. BORNEENSIS also gaining trust from global researchers where type specimens for specimens collected in Sabah are deposited in the collection room.

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