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Borneo Marine Research Institute aspires to be world-renowned research and development center of excellence in the fields of marine science and aquaculture.



To conduct and promote high quality research, training and outreach in the areas of marine science and aquaculture that contribute to rational management, utilization and sustainable development of aquatic resources for socio-economic welfare.



a. To undertake research in various areas of marine science, especially oceanography and marine biodiversity, capture fisheries, and coastal and marine management.

b. To carry out research and development in various aspects of aquaculture and biotechnology, including hatchery technology, seed production and grow-out, nutrition, water quality remediation, and healthcare.

c. To offer advisory, training and consultancy services in niche areas of the Institute.

d. To work with the industry in commercialization of research.

e. To promote public awareness about marine conservation.

f. To engage the local community in seafood security programs through transfer of knowhow in aquaculture and stock enhancement programs.