Maintenance and Development Department (JPP) has existed since the establishment of University of Malaysia Sabah (UMS) in 1994, known as the Development and Maintenance Section. Over the last 15 years, JPP had gone through several important phases especially in terms of its functions, roles and technical management in providing services to UMS residents.

During the early stage, JPP is under the supervision of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Development and Research) which was then held by Prof. Dr. Sulaiman Hj. Yassin (1994 - 1997).

In 2006, JPP has executed an internal restructuring of departments to streamline the implementation of maintenance work and development of the university. To accomplish the activities, JPP has been divided into ten (10) sectors which consist of Development Plan Sector, Architects Sector, Mechanical & Electrical Sector, Civil & Structural Engineering Sector, Contracts & Surveying Sector, Landscape Services & Pest Control Sector, Asset Management & Vehicle Sector, Control Room & Land Management Sector, Administration Sector and Financial Operations Sector. JPP is responsible for the overall development activities of the university. JPP’s roles in the development of UMS are as coordinator of development and fulfilling JSPIU customers’ needs. In terms of construction and renovation, JPP helps JSPIU in term of technical aspects such as the proposed use of space, safety, painting, work specification documentation and cost estimation.

In 2009, JPP had re-branded the organization structure. As a result of the re-branding, JPP has now two (2) Deputy Director which are Deputy Director (Management) and Deputy Director (Technical). Four (4) main divisions have been created which are Technical Division, Contract Division, Operations Division and Administration Division. JSPIU Operations Zone was created under the supervision of the Operations Division and divided into four (4) monitoring area zones consist of Science Zone, Arts Zone, JPU Zone and Centre of Excellence Zone. Customer Service Zone which divided into Vehicle Unit, Event Management Unit, Customer Services Unit, Asset Investigation and Store Unit, Management & Conservation Utilities Unit was created and placed under the supervision of the Operations Division. Campus Zone also placed under the Operations Division’s supervision, which includes the Development and Maintenance of UMSKAL, Medical Research Center Village, Sikuati Kudat and Sustainable Agriculture Sandakan.

Based on the re-branding structure in 2009, JPP has initiated improvements on 9 November 2013 through a workshop called “Re-Coordination of Work Procedures and the Directions of JPP”. Resolution from the workshop had introduced four (4) main divisions comprise of Administrative Division, Contract Division, Engineering Division and Landscape Architects Division which add value to the departmental organizational chart.