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The 2015 Ranau Earthquake: Cause and Impact

The 2015 Ranau Earthquake: Cause and Impact

Author                     : Felix Tongkul

Publication Date     : 2016

Journal                    : Sabah Society Journal

Volume                    : 32

Issue                        : 2015

Pages                       : 1-28

Abstract - A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck the Ranau District of Sabah, Malaysia at 7.15 am on 5 June 2015. It was centred around 10 km beneath Mount Kinabalu near the rural town of Kundasang, on one of several faults that collectively from Lobou-Lobou Fault Zone. Rockfalls on Mount Kinabalu due to shaking resulted in the death of 18 climbers. More than 120 aftershocks of magnitude above 2 were recorded during the 3 months after the main shock. The shaking from the main shock and aftershock triggered extensive landslide on the very steep slopes of Mount Kinabalu, practically stripping about 1500 hectares (15 km2 ) of vegetation cover, and producing a huge amount of loose materials. Almost all living organisms in the river were wiped out by the debris flows, which also washed away several Bailey bridge, hanging bridges and roads, and their deposits caused substantial damages to farmlands and houses in several villages at the foot of the mountain.