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The Use Of HEC-RAS To Predict The Change in River Bed Shape and Flooding Behaviour of Sg. Tuaran For Pre- & Post Development

Writer : Janice Lynn Ayog

Date : 5 Dec 2011

Publisher : Seminar Bencana Alam 2011, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu.

Abstract :

The main purpose of this study is to create a suitable model to study the effects of riverside development upon the nearby river profile and cross-sections. The appropriate data required to build up the model was identified and obtained from the relevant sources. The catchment area was delineated, and a sediment yield model based on USLE was provided. HEC-RAS was used to create the hydraulic and sediment transport models, in which calibration was carried out by modification and selection of sediment transport equation respectively. The Yang equation was deemed the most suitable sediment transport equation. After sufficient calibration had been carried out, the model was allowed to run based on modified land uses to simulate the effects of development upon the river profile within a span of three years. It is concluded that there is significant increase in river bed depth due to development, whereas no change in flooding behavior was detected in the short term.