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Mapping of Landslide Under Tropical Vegetation Cover Along Roads in Sabah, Malaysia

Writers : Felix Tongkul

Date : 11-15 Nov 2008

Publisher : International Conference On Management Of Landslide Hazards In The Asia-Pacific Region

Location : Sendai, Japan

Abstract :

Mapping of landslides under vegetation cover are quite difficult especially if they are of small scale (10-20m in width) as they are usually not noticeable on aerial photographs. Landslides irrespective of their size pose a major problem to road construction and maintenance in Sabah. During the past few years several existing trunk roads passing through landslide-prone mountainous terrain of Sabah were upgraded. To come up with an appropriate road design and alignment geological mapping of landslides, using conventional and GPS-aided methods along some of these roads were carried out. The results of the mapping indicate that an innovative approach combining conventional geological field mapping methods with GPS technology is beneficial as it could save time and yield more accurate maps.