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Geological Constraints on Road Construction Across The Crocker Range, Sabah

Writer : Felix Tongkul

Date : 5 Dec 2007

Publisher : JKR-Seminar On Best Practices In Road Engineering

Location : Kota Kinabalu

Abstract :

The Crocker Range Mountain which rises to an average height of about 2500 m poses a great challenge to road builders. Slope failures are frequent occurrences along the four major roads cutting across the mountain linking the towns of Tamparuli-Ranau, Penampang-Tambunan, Kimanis-Keningau and Sipitang-Tenom. The Crocker Range comprised mostly of intensely fractured, folded and faulted Paleogene sedimentary rocks of the Crocker, Trusmadi and Temburong Formations with minor occurrence of igneous and metamorphic rocks. The Crocker Formation consists of thin-thick sandstone and mudstone, the Trusmadi Formation consists of meta-arenites, slates and phyllites whereas the Temburong Formation consists of thick mudstone with thin sandstone. This paper highlights some of the geological constraints posed by the different rock formations in road construction.