Kishneth Palaniveloo & Prof. Dr. Charles S. Vairappan (2016). Marine Diversity of The Sulu Sulawesi Coral Triangle Region

: Marine Diversity of The Sulu Sulawesi Coral Triangle Region
: Kishneth Palaniveloo & Prof. Dr. Charles S. Vairappan
: Danial Asrafi Bin Yahya & Prof. Dr. Fong Soon Fook
System Administrator
: Salfarah Abdullah
Marine Diversity of the Sulu Sulawesi Coral Triangle
The marine environment encompasses an essential 70 % of the globe and houses a wide variety of marine organisms. As such the marine environment plays a very important role in sustaining the balance of nature. Sabah, the northern state of Borneo is highly gifted being located within the Coral Triangle Region. This region is the hub for the world marine mega-biodiversity which is shared between seven countries within this region. Sabah is the only state in Malaysia with a significant portion of the Sula Sulawesi Coral Reefs. The research team lead by myself has been actively investigation marine chemical ecology in these waters since 2004. Research activities involves diversity of marine flora / fauna, defense mechanisms in marine flora/fauna and marine drug discovery. Our team also spearheads conservation effort of natural resources in Sabah from Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation, in collaboration with local authorities particularly Sabah Parks, the Sabah Parks and Wildlife Department of Sabah. Therefore, it is important to document the diversity of marine flora and fauna in Sabah waters to create awareness and interest among students and local community. This mini handbook is one such output. It is our hope that the photos and information will be able to attract interest of its readers to appreciate the treasure our waters holds.