Erick Ricky et al (2016). Gamification : Knowledge Site

: Gamification : Knowledge Site
: Erick Ricky Sungkit, Ahmad Fizwan Hafiy Bin Mohd Noor, Putri Zaleha Binti Abu Hassan, Rafitah Binti Yusof, Farah Nadhira Binti Zairi
: Prof Fong Soon Fook

Issue : When students are waiting for bus at the bus stop, they tend to waste their time without doing anything instead of checking their phone and talking with their friends.

Strategy : Using the concept of Gamification, we can change their behavior which is wasting time while waiting for the bus by doing a project called "Knowledge Site". We set up our works by hanging a question so that while they are waiting for bus, they can gain some knowledge by answering our question that provided. To attract more students to participate in our project, we give them biscuits as a reward for answering our question. 

Impact: Through this project, we can lessen the waste of time when the students are at the bus stop. Furthermore, they can gain some information and knowledge which is give them more benefits in their daily routine.
Feedback: 1. Erna Binti Hamzah 2. Ethel Sebastian Daraup
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