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       1. How to apply for admission?

   -   Just Click and complete the application to submit atleast 3 months before the semester starts.

2. How to apply for scholarship?

   -  Scholarship will only be available every time a new semester starts but must need to wait for

       the advertisement to be out  in order for you to be able to apply.

        3. What are the programmes offered?

   -  Click Admission, Programmed Offered for the list of programmes available both for Master (By Research) and PhD (By Research) programme.

4. What are the fees like for the programme offered?

     - CLICK HERE to download the list of fees available for the programme offered

        5. I can’t register for this semester as a NEW student, what should I do?

   - Your offer letter will be valid for 1 year, means you can still register for the next semester but

      you should write a letter for the Dean to notify that you need to extend your registration.

6. I am not from Malaysia, how do I start my journey there as a student?

   - The office of International Affairs, will arrange your trip by providing a Visa with Reference

      letter and it will be sent to our  Malaysian Embassy in your country for you to pick it up.

7. I need to look for a place to stay during my studies. Where can I get one?

   -You can try giving the Students Affair a call to ask if there are any available place provided or

     for rent at +6088 320000 (Ext :4160/4161)