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Buku Peraturan Pentadbiran Universiti Malaysia Sabah (1994 - 2016)

Quality Management Division


The establishment of the University Quality Management Division at the Registrar's Department was approved at the Management Authority Meeting [PBPU] which met on October 25th, 2017. It was created in line with the transformation towards a university quality management system that is placed in the Registrar's Department in accordance with the Registrar as the holder of UMS KRA 4, reinforcing system delivery in order to maintain UMS capability as a public university capable of demonstrating good governance in the field of institutional governance.

This is also in line with the registrar's statute to assist the Vice-Chancellor in the planning and realization of strategic plans in accordance with the vision and mission of the University. This transformation will also see this quality management system operated comprehensively with a combination of quality  service for academic delivery and support systems from non-academic groups.

Leading the transformation of service delivery quality and in compliance with international standards.

Empower customer-centric delivery systems through quality services, efficiently and effectively in line with UMS strategic plans and in compliance with international standards.


  1. Coordinate the implementation of UMS Quality Management System based on continuous improvement.
  2. Carry out planned activities based on quality related processes to foster a quality culture among UMS staff.
  3. Ensuring the quality of the service delivery system is recognized through audit, external benchmarking and customer feedback.
  4. Ensuring the Quality Management System stays in line with university strategic plans and UMS management aspirations.
  5. Ensuring the Quality Management System is understood and appreciated by UMS residents.
  6. Improve the quality of core processes and delivery of services based on customer needs, customer feedback and audit reports.