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Buku Peraturan Pentadbiran Universiti Malaysia Sabah (1994 - 2016)

FAQ - Academic Services Division



Student Information System (SMP) Access


1. How to apply for access to SMP?


Application form to access the system can be downloaded from the 'Download' menu.


2. Who are the personnel authorized to access SMP?


Deans, Deputy Dean (Academic), Program Coordinators / Head of Program, Lecturers, Tutors and staff responsible to the faculty's academic affairs (Deputy Registrar, Senior Asssistant Registrar, Asssistant Registrar, Assistant Bursar (Student Finance), Assistant Administrative Officer, Administrative Assistant (P/O), Administrative Assistant (Student Finance)).


3. Who can be contacted to apply for access to SMP?


Graduation & Information Management Section at 088-320000 ext 691255.




Data Application


1. How to apply for academic data?


Application must be made by completing the Data Application Form which can be downloaded from the 'Download' menu. Application must be submitted at least seven (7) days prior to the date for which the data is needed.       


2. How long does it take for the data to be ready ?


Application form will be processed within 3-5 working days, subject to approval by the Head of Section and the complexity of the requested data.


3. Who can be contacted in regards to (academic) data application? 


Please contact 088-320000 ext 692115.






1. How to obtain the University's official transcript?


 Official Transcript are only issued to students who have graduated.


2. Can a graduate requests for extra transcript?


Graduates are allowed to apply for extra transcript by submitting an application to Academic Service Division with the payment of RM5.00/set payable to Bursar, UMS. Please refer to the complete guide in the 'Convocation' menu.


3. How to apply for replacement for damaged / lost scroll?


Damaged / Lost scrolls will not be re-printed/re-issued. However, Academic Service Division will issue a confirmation letter in regards to the damage/lost scroll.


4. Who are the personel authorized to verify First Class Degree for the purpose of PTPTN repayment exemption?


Officers in Academic Service Division only.


5. How do I obtain my scroll and transcript if I couldn't attend the Convocation Ceremony?


Graduates must submit a formal written application to the Graduates & Information Management Section together with a printed copy of the IPTA Tracer Study and payment slip/receipt as proof of payment for the convocation fee. Any outstanding balance must be cleared off. Please make sure that all information such as full name, matric number, program, faculty, telephone number and mailing address are stated clearly to ensure the delivery of scroll/transcript goes smoothly. Scroll and transcript will only be delivered after the Convocation Ceremony. Please refer to the complete guide in the 'Convocation' menu.


6. Can I send a representative to collect my scroll and transcript?

Yes, you can. Graduates are allowed to send a representative to collect the scroll/transcript provided that they have with them the authority/representative letter signed by the graduate together with a printed copy of the IPTA Tracer Study and payment slip/receipt as proof of payment for the convocation fee and outstanding balance, original matric card of the graduate, graduate's identity card copy and the representative's identity card copy. However, one representative are NOT allowed to collect the scroll and transcript for more than two graduates.


Examination and Valuation Unit

Q: What should I do if I forgot to bring my student card before I enter the exam venue?

A:It is mandatory for all students sitting examinations to be in possession of their UMS Student card, which is to be placed on their desk for invigilators to check before the commencement of the examination.Students without their student card will not be permitted entry to the examination venue.


Q: If I attended the wrong examination venue, is this allowed?

A:NO. All examinations venues have specific allocations of seats and all students have been pre-allocated a seat number in each venue. If you attended the wrong venue, you will be sitting in someone else seat. This will create problems at the venue so we urge all students to carefully check their exams venue prior to the examinations. You will be asked to leave the room and find your correct venue .


Q: Why can't I attend other venues since it's the same paper?

A: Attendance at the correct venue is important for several reasons. Attendance at the incorrect venue can result in inadequate seats being available for the students that are supposed to be at that venue. It has also been shown that some students deliberately attend the wrong venue in order to be with friends.


Student Intake, Admission & Promotion Section


1. Can I register without paying the fee?

No, you can not.


2. What are the fee payment method that can be used by students for the University Registration?

There are two (1) options.
i. Using the Study Fee Payment Slip together with the offer letter in any CIMB Bank Bhd branch; or
ii. Via


3. How to apply for PTPTN study loan?

The PTPTN representative will be in UMS during the University Registration day. For further information, please refer to the General Information in the Student Admission Guideline book.


4. Can I register if my documents are not verified yet?

No, you can not.


5. What are the implications if I didn't come to register on the  specified registration date?

Your admission offer will be forfeited, unless you have a written consent from the Student Intake, Admission and Promotion Section.


6. Are university registration postponement allowed?

University registration postponement for first semester is NOT allowed and offer for admission will be forfeited if candidates failed to register within two (2) weeks from the official university registration date.


7. Are the application to exchange faculty / program allowed?

Study program offer is FINAL and any faculty/program exchange are NOT allowed.


8. How to apply for Credit Transfer or Credit Exemption?

Students can apply after they register as a student of UMS. Please refer to the guidelines in the prospectus obtained during registration.


9. My child has asthma, is there any medical facilities on campus?

Yes, there is. Each campus has a panel clinic with medical officers and trained nurses.


10. Who can I contact if there is any emergency during non-office hours?

You can contact the Residential College Principal, Student Development Officer or Security Division at your respective residence.


11. Who qualified for Residential College facility?

Residential College are available for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, subject to terms and consitions set by the Student Affairs Department.


12. What should I bring during registration?

You should bring reasonable amount of pocket money to buy your daily essentials, study equipments and books. Other than those, you should also bring your own pillow and pillow case, bed sheets, sports attires and shoes, formal attires and shoes, prayer essentials, bucket, soap, etc.


13. Where do I go if I arrive late during registration day?

You are advised to contact the Residential College Officer or Security Division directly.


14. I have not done my medical check-up yet, can i come for registration?

Yes, you can. You can do it within three (3) weeks from the registration date.


15. My family would like to accompany me during registration day. Where can my family stay?

There are many accomodation around UMS area. Please refer to the website.


16. As a new student, can my child bring his/her own transport?

No, he/she can not.


17. What is the dress code during registration?

Formal and decent clothes as stated in the student's dress code guidelines.


18. I have financial problem. Is there any assistance available?

Yes, there is. I.e. assistance provided by Student Affairs Department.


19. I am representing the country for athletics, are there any facilities for me to train?

Yes, there are. There are also other courts in UMS.


20. My parents do not have J Form. How can I confirm my parents income?

You can obtain your parent's confirmation of income from your Warden / Chief/ Head of Village.


21. What is MSM?

MSM is Orientation week (Minggu Suai Mesra) held to  foster and strengthen friendship goodwill and also to get to know UMS.