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Buku Peraturan Pentadbiran Universiti Malaysia Sabah (1994 - 2016)

FAQ - Information Management Division

Information Application
1. What kind of information can be acquired from Information Management Sector?
- Human Resource information (statistics and total number of staff)
- Registrar Department's activity
- All Registrar Department's division function information

2. Information processing time
- Minimum : 1 Hour (existing data will be formatted according to format given)
- Maximum 3-5 days (depends on how complicated the data and format given)

3. Validity of Staff information from Information Management Division
- Data resources from HRMIS


HRMIS Application Management

1. What are the module/submodule/EG-HRMIS that can be utilized by UMS staff?
- Personal Infromation Management
- Service Profile (Only View)
- Properties Declaration (in process)

2.  Who can be contacted if there is any problem or question abour EG-HRMIS?
- Encik Asfie / Cik Fadlina Daud :1448 / 1451

3. What is the diffenrence between EG-HRMIS and HR-Online?

- EG-HRMIS is a government project unde E-Government and lead by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia while HR-Online is a Registrar Department's project with cooperation Jabatan Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi (JTMK) in producing information for EG-HRMIS.

4. What are the Human Resource's applications that can be utilized in Universiti Malaysia Sabah?
- HR-Online
- CV-Online
- e-Jobs
- e- Cuti
- e-LNPT