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Buku Peraturan Pentadbiran Universiti Malaysia Sabah (1994 - 2016)

FAQ - Human Resource Management Division

1) Human Resources Planning Section

1. When the transfer of staff made?

Usually 1 or 2 times a year depending on the needs.

2. Can a disposition to cancel?

Cannot. Staff were instructed to move the transfer must follow the instructions.

3. What is the procedure of a transmission made by the staff?

Employees must make an application to the Human Resources Division, by writing a letter of application together with the reasons for the transfer were made and must go through the Head of Department

2) Section Services
a) Employee Relations Unit;

1. Is the unit in terms of facilities staff?

i) Managing meeting of the Departmental Council (MBJ) function as Joint Secretary and controlling discussions with MBJ
Associations / Unions of affairs related.

ii) Monitoring Meeting of Departmental Council (MBJ) with the Ministry of Higher Education

iii) Treatment Managing Change Staff and Pensioners
• At Government Hospitals / Clinics
• Overseas
• Emergency in Private Clinic nearby (on referral hospitals / health clinics, government)
• Dental Treatment
• Non Clinical Treatment Panel
• Manage Security Hospital
• Health Screening 40 years and over

iv) Manage Transportation Facilities / Claim Transfers / Directed Switching / Reservation Hotel and Airfare staff Expiring Contracts / Retiring Mandatory and Optional

v) Conduct interviews / exit interviews with employees who are completing

vi) suggest and take care of consultancy services and staff

2. What is the function units in terms of staff welfare?

i) Managing Loan
ii) Managing Personal Financing
iii) Managing Insurance Facility (Perkeso / Takaful / Etiqa / Cuepacs)
iv) Managing Funeral Management
v) Managing get Ex-Gratia for staff
vi) the application of best Compassionate
vii) Managing the Child Development Center

b) Performance Management Unit;

1. What conditions salary movement?

i) Certified in service
ii) Pass PTK specified
iii) achieve good performance levels
iv) Serving not less than 3 years
v) Recommended by the Head of Department

2. Who is involved in the evaluation of performance?

i) The Officer being assessed (PYD) - university staff
ii) Assessing Officer First (PPP) - a superior or immediate supervisor to the Officer being assessed (PYD) and has a working relationship directly or supervise its work.
iii) The Assessing Officer (PPK) - immediate superior officer to officer PPP and has a working relationship with the PYD
iv) Human Resource Development Panel (HRDC) - Composed of the Chairman (Vice-Chancellor) and members (three (3) Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, Bursar and Liberian) which works to finalize the Performance Evaluation Report (LNPT) Officer.

c) Allowance Unit and Features

1. What is the function for this unit?

i) Manage Salaries, wages and remuneration (Statement of Changes in Salary)
ii) Manage Allowances
• Fixed Remuneration
• Incentive Payment
• Allowance / Other Payments
iii) Handling Facilities
• Break Up For Service
• Break For Medicine
• Break did not record
• Other Holidays
• Other Facilities
• Clothes

d) General Service Unit, Unit Confirmation & Promotion

1. What is the function of General Service?

i) Maintain and update the Service Record Book and File Services Worker University
ii) Managing wage and advice (LPG)
iii) Managing disciplinary record
iv) Manage the secondment, transfer and appointment of employees of the University of fixed exchange
v) The Board of retirement and termination of university employees
vi) manage and coordinate the pension status of employees
vii) past service Mergers
viii) The Board remuneration (gratuity) University of contract staff

2. Is the Unit Confirmation and Promotion?

i) Manage Confirmation and Promotion Employees University (Academic and Non-Academic)
ii) Meetings Secretariat Confirmation
iii) The Secretariat of Promotion Meeting
iv) Manage the interview appointment Designation Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University

3) Personnel Section

1. What is the function of the Recruitment Unit of Academic and Non-Academic Recruitment Unit?

i) To plan and coordinate schedules filling academic positions
ii) Prepare and update the requirements of the post and the expertise necessary
iii) Issue ads
iv) Controlling the reception, recording, and provision of office application form
v) To handle the interview
vi) prepare interview reports
vii) To handle the appointment of permanent / contract / temporary / special posts
viii) Managing the starting salary adjustment
ix) Managing fitting work
x) Managing the self-report and recommendations of the first
xi) As Secretary

4) Unit and Competency Exam

1. What are the conditions required for UMS staff to attend courses - courses organized by the Service Unit and Competency Exam?
- Conditions required for UMS staff are employed permanently in service.

2. Where questions - questions for the examination for the course and Competency Examination Unit obtained?
- Most of the questions - Examination questions derived from the Public Service Department.

3. What is the process for a person to apply for UMS staff to follow courses in Examination Unit and Competency?
- There are several processes for the course in this unit by filling out the application form which can be obtained through:

1. Download the form in the UMS website

2. Getting form

Unit and Competency Examination,
Human Resource Development Sector,
The registrar,
4th Floor, South Block,
Chancellery building.